HappyTails is about helping you understand what makes your dog tick.

We are skilled in a variety of dog training methods and will work with you to find the one that best suits your needs & lifestyle.

Tailblazing the Way to Canine Happiness


Wooftastic Service

We are always ready at hand to help you develop a positive relationship with your dog to have a stress-free, happy home for everyone!


1-1 Behavior Consulting

One-to-one sessions for maximum effectiveness and progress for your dog’s behavioral conditioning.

$200 Single Session: $200/hr

$450 3-Session Starter Package: $150/hr

$1,000 8-Session Package: $125/hr

Video Consultation

One-to-one sessions in the comfort of your own home.

$50 per 30 minutes

Group Session

Prefer having a group class for your new puppy or want to socialize your pooch?

$50 for 90 minutes, minimum of 5 dogs per group before a session can commence.


Creating awareness amongst the younger generation on how to approach dogs and educating them on basic dog body language.


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Online Vet Services

Tele-consultations with certified vets and medication delivery right to your doorstep!

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5% off ZumVet consultations

Ruff Cuts


Ruff Cuts uses only organic products. Experienced, professional groomers, the Ruff Cuts experience is always convenient, comfortable, easy and enjoyable for both you and your pet.

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For $10 off your first session, for any service

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The Sleek Hound

Collars & Leashes

Personalised handcrafted leashes, collars and training lines for your dog. Where aesthetics meet functionality.

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10% off multiple purchases

Fido's Pawpose


Fido's Pawpose advocates responsible, sustainable and holistic care. Fido's will individualize their treatment to your best friend using the latest dog fitness equipment, acupressure, and hydrotherapy.

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5% off on canine fitness equipment and 10% off on all other products and services


Happy Hounds

Doggy Daily Needs

Get your pet's daily needs delivered to your doorstep

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