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Training: Children Workshop

Children Workshop

15 minutes WANTED: Dog to Pet book reading session, followed by a show and tell using (a) kid-friendly dog(s). The children will learn about different dog body languages and have a hands-on experience on how to approach dogs.

Book Reading

Learn from Nini on how to approach dogs and understand different types of body language a dog may display.

Basic Dog Body Languages

Understand basic dog body languages to know which dogs are approachable or better left alone.

Show & Tell

Featuring one or more kid-friendly dog(s) in the show and tell session to make the learning experience more fun and interactive.

Meet & Greet

Learn by doing, allowing kids to approach and pet our dog(s) under our guidance.

Workshop Details


30 minutes


Upon enquiry

Child Age

Pre-schoolers up to 8 years old


Upon request


At your preferred location

Interested in educating your students
​or children more about dogs?

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