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Training: Puppy Program

Happytails Puppy Program

Learn how to set up your pup with the right structure, from socialization to essential life skills, raising them into a polite, well-behaved, happy dog. You'll also learn the ways to build trust with them, ensuring a lifetime bond between you and your dog.

Understanding Your Pup

Learn to read your pup's body language and communicate with them effectively.

Basic Skills

Learn basic skills such as 'sit', 'come', 'down', 'settle down' aka 'place, 'leave it', potty training, loose leash of walking, etc.

Redirecting Bad Habits

Prevent and curb unwanted behaviors such as excessive jumping, whining, mouthing, barking, etc.

​Basic Manners

Teach your pup to wait for their food, for attention, being invited outside and even putting on their leash.

Safe Socialization

Meet and greet other dogs, animals or humans in a safe and proper manner.

Accepting Handling

Help your pup to have positive experiences being touched and checked, making life easier when visiting the vets or groomers.

Training Details

We'll  go at your pup’s pace over a period of 8 months, with 5 private classes being spaced out according to the time needed to practice the things that both humans and dogs have learnt. 

And just so you don’t forget, we can send follow-up instructions after each class and leave you with homework, preparing you for the next session.


5 private sessions, 1 hour per session, valid for 8 months


$900 / 5 sessions ($180 per session)

Puppy Age

2 to 6 months old


Monday - Sunday 9am - 5pm


(*Minimum 2 weeks advanced booking is required)


At your home or nearby (outdoor)

Interested in learning the best way to raise
a polite, well-behaved, happy puppy?

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