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Training: 1to1 Customized

1-1 Customized Behavior Training

Barking? Jumping? Whining? Resource Guarding? Separation Anxiety? Fear and Phobias? Just want a happy, well behaved dog or have a strong communicative bond with your dog? Get a customized training plan to achieve your desired goal with your dog.

Tailored Solutions

Customize a training plan based on you and your dog’s needs.

Behavior Modification

Help your dog to build new habits and redirect unwanted behaviors, allowing you to include your dog in your daily activities with ease.

Understanding Your Dog

Learn to read your dog's body language and communicate with them effectively.

Hands-on Experience

After explaining and demonstrating the elements of the training plan to you, you will need to try it out yourself during the sessions under our guidance.

Training Details

Training starts with a single session, which includes a behavioral assessment of your dog.


You will then receive a recommendation on whether the 3 or 5 session package would be suitable for you and your dog. We will also provide a customized training plan with classes being spaced out over a period of 3 to 8 months.

And just so you don’t forget, we can send follow-up instructions after each class and leave you with homework, preparing you for our next session.


1 hour per session


$900 / 5 sessions ($180 per session)


$600 / 3 sessions ($200 per session)


S$250 / 1 session

Dog Age

Adolescent dogs or adult dogs


Monday - Sunday 9am - 5pm


(*Minimum 2 weeks advanced booking is required)


At your home or nearby (outdoor)

Interested in getting a customized
​training plan for your dog?

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