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Satisfied Owners. Happier Pets.

Having a great bond with your dog begins with a simple click.


“HappyTails – thanks for all your wonderful work. Alfie has recently moved back to Scotland with us and all your advice made our transition smooth. That dog we couldn’t get in the car FLEW all the way with very little problem. The lessons have been invaluable and Alfie continues to be a happy, healthy and well behaved hound.”

Lisa M


“Steph is a wonderfully patient trainer, even with a lazy owner like me! My dog Gigi adores her and Steph is full of lots of helpful advice. I always recommend HappyTails to my friends.”

Emma T


“Our very well trained pup Rosie – big thanks to Steph for all her help, fantastic results!”

Esther M


“Thank you Steph, we will never forget your kindness and generosity, not to mention all the invaluable lessons that we (as owners) and Sam have learnt. You have raised the bar on the training ground and I know that I am a better owner / mother to Sam all because of you.”

Prisca L


“Thank you, thank you Steph for being so awesome with Kontiki and then again with Sunday when he came in! You’ve really been so truly patient and dedicated with them – we really cannot tell you how much your hard work and follow-ups helped with both of them. Our house has transformed from a war zone to Zen central.”

Divya B


“Steph’s extensive expertise came in very useful when we first had our dog Mylo at 16 weeks old. She met myself and Mylo first for training, then met my helper and children and taught them all the commands she had taught me so we were all on the same page. It really helped Mylo to settle with our family and made training him a lot of fun. He is a well trained dog now and we couldn’t recommend Steph enough! Her tips were useful and some tricks were fun to do too!”

Susie O


“Steph is a very competent dog trainer - we do like the way she trains Hunter. Being a Singapore special it is very important to us that he listens and does know his commands. Steph’s way is absolutely great for us. She puts a lot of effort in each session - with follow-up emails every time that are tailored to Hunter. Including Homework, advice and tips - it’s just perfect! And in between sessions she is only a message away - if we are stuck, problems occur or just to share some funny moments. Looking forward to more sessions soon, Steph!”

Frauke K


“Steph has a way with dogs, she understands them. She is very informative, helpful and patient with my dog and myself. I’ve tried other trainers before however I strongly feel my dog has made the best progress with Steph’s guidance!”

Nicholette P

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