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​There are NO bad dogs.

Build the Life You Want to Have ​with Your Dog

Our Beliefs

Every dog and every dog owner learns in different ways. In my experience, there’s no “one-size-fits-all”, blanket method to train your pet. I have over 10 years’ experience handling and training canines, and my specialty is being able to effectively communicate and motivate your dogs and mold the dog to best suit the family’s lifestyle. 

For me, training your dog is the foundation to building a special bond with your furry friend. I don’t want training to be a burden. Instead, training should be a natural assimilation into the way you want to live with your dog

“Lifestyle Training” is how I see it, and I’d be honored to help you build the life that you want to have with your dog. 

There are NO bad dogs.

Happytails Asia Steph is a Professional Certified Dog Trainer in Singapore
Happytails Asia Children Workshop with Steph and Vinny

How it Started

I used to sneak dogs into my room, hiding them from my parents, and pretending they weren’t there. My parents would obviously find out, and eventually coax me to take the pup or dog back to where I found it. Tears always ensued. 

It wasn’t until I was 16 that my sister and I "tricked" my dad to get us a cute yellow lab from a local breeder, when my mother was away on a business trip. ‘Puddles’ started it all. 

Ensuring we were going to take care of this dog, our parents made Puddles our sole responsibility. From healthcare, training and obedience, bathing, brushing, we did it all. Puddles was our charge, and we ensured she was healthy, happy and didn’t destroy anyone’s slippers. We did everything we could to make her a ‘good girl’ so that our parents wouldn’t rehome her due to our lack of consistency.

Growing up happily with Puddles makes me strongly believe in education and awareness. I participate in community outreach programmes like hospital and home visits to bring furry joy that the patients may be missing.


Starting at a young age is also very important, so I run workshop with pre-schoolers, guiding them on a safe and fun way to approach dogs.

Education & Experience

Diploma in Canine Behaviour & Training, IACE (Institute for Animal Care Education), ISAP (International Society of Animal Professionals).

For continued growth, I participated in programmes where I was allowed to shadow other established trainers and learn on the job. I trained with top trainers in Singapore, US and the UK. This has allowed me to continually up-skill myself and grow my experience. Since I’ve been exposed to a wide spectrum of canine issues, I’m able to apply my learning to practical and real situations with pet owners, no matter the scenario. 

The myriad approaches and methodology from different trainers has shown me that no two dogs learn the same way and there are different ways to humanely approach dog training, while also making it fun for the animal and human alike! 


It was an honor to be part of Nat Geo’s first season of “Cesar's Recruit: Asia”, that aired regionally. Being part of this series provided me the opportunity to watch how Cesar and Cheri interacted with clients and dogs firsthand, both on and off camera. I'm ever grateful for this learning opportunity, to be able to work alongside and train with Cesar Milan - one of the most renowned and well known canine trainers in the industry.

We look forward to helping you create the lifestyle you envision you and your dog having together.

Have questions? Let's chat!

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