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HappyTails is about helping you understand what makes your dog tick.

We are skilled in a variety of dog training methods and will work with you to find the one that best suits your needs & lifestyle.

More importantly, we go beyond obedience training and focus on resolving underlying behavioral issues you may be facing with your dog.

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Arrival of a new puppy? Teenage angst? Mid-life crisis? At HappyTails, we are always ready at hand to help you develop a positive relationship with your dog to have a stress-free, happy home for everyone!


Individual Sessions

One-to-one sessions for maximum effectiveness and progress for your dog’s behavioral conditioning.

Video Consultation $ 50 per 30 minutes
Single Session  $ 200 per hour
3-Session Starter Package $ 450 ( $ 150 per session/hour)
8-Session Package $ 1,000 ($ 125 per session/hour)


Group Sessions

Prefer having a group class for your new puppy or just wanting to socialize the pooch?

$ 50 for 90 minutes
(minimum of 5 dogs per group session before we can commence)



“Steph is a wonderfully patient trainer, even with a lazy owner like me! My dog Gigi adores her and Steph is full of lots of helpful advice. I always recommend Happy Tails to my friends”
Emma T
“HappyTails – thanks for all your wonderful work. Alfie has recently moved back to Scotland with us and all your advice made our transition smooth. That dog we couldn’t get in the car FLEW all the way with very little problem. The lessons have been invaluable and Alfie continues to be a happy, healthy and well behaved hound.”
Lisa M
Thank you, thank you Steph for being so awesome with Kontiki and then again with Sunday when he came in! You’ve really been so truly patient and dedicated with them – we really cannot tell you how much your hard work and follow-ups helped with both of them. Our house has transformed from a war zone to Zen central.
Divya B
“Our v well trained pup Rosie – big thanks to steph for all her help, fantastic results!”
Esther M
“Awesome job! Buddy picked up on so many new things after just one session. He’s an absolute doll now. Am one happy client! Thanks, Happy Tails!”
Geraldine L
“Thank you Steph, we will never forget your kindness and generosity, not to mention all the invaluable lessons that we (as owners) and Sam have learnt. You have raised the bar on the training ground and I know that I am a better owner / mother to Sam all because of you.”
Two years on, with your training skills and reinforcement from us, we have seen a very smart dog turn into an obedient, loving and family friendly member of our household. We do believe that your training has helped us immensely in controlling him and making him manageable. Today, Czaar is a better dog than he ever was.
Nirav H
Best thing that happened this year: getting a dog! Bilbo is an absolute joy to our family. ❤️❤️❤️ The next best thing? Having a most Awesome behaviorist to help us on this fresh journey. Steph, you are amazing at what you do and we couldn’t be happier with how Bilbo has settled in. Thanks so much, babe! ?
Jong R

Wanted : Dog to Pet


Join Nini as she goes on an adventure to find the perfect dog to pet! This book is a great guide for parents and children on how to approach dogs and the different types of body language a dog may display.

A portion of the proceeds will go to aid our charities SOSD Singapore, Causes for Animals and Exclusively Mongrels.

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Email: steph@happytails.asia

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