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Should I Say NO To My Dog?

Did your parents (or someone you really love) ever say ‘no’ to you?

Pretty sure your answer is YES.

Post being told ‘no’ – Did they love you any less? Did you love them any less?

A likely – NO.

Did you repeat the action that caused the ‘no’?

With consistency, I am confident you learnt to avoid that unwanted behaviour.

I rest my case

Just like rewarding a dog for the right behaviour - being consistent and communicating that a behaviour is unwanted is also important.

Does ignoring the behaviour work? Sure, it does, on some dogs – not all dogs. It depends on the personality of the dog and what stage of the learning phase it may be in.

If a particular method is not working after a couple of tries and your dog just does not seem to be learning the rules and boundaries you set - rethink your strategy and try again.

Be open to the various methods of training your dog. Most importantly, be fair to your dog. Keep striving for a better version of your dog.


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