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Should I Let My Dog Jump?

My response is always the same

Do you want your dog jumping on everyone else? Remember that this could include other dogs and young children.

It is a personal choice for each owner. Your dog is an extension of your family and how it behaves will ultimately impact your daily routine.

Things to consider

  • Some breed can be prone to spinal injuries and jumping can be detrimental to their health

  • Will you have young children visiting often – having a dog jump on them can be a scary experience, especially if the dog is bigger than them

  • Some people may have a fear of dogs or due to religious reasons are unable to come in contact with dogs

  • Some people may have an allergic reaction when they come in contact with dogs

What are your options if you decide to let your dog jump?

For owner who do not mind a dog that jumps on people or other dogs, my recommendation is for owners to teach a specific ‘jump’ command. This teaches the dog to only jump on command, and more importantly, upon invitation.

Alternatively, work on a strong ‘sit’ or ‘place’ command. When you have guests visiting who may not want dogs jumping on them, you will have the ability to redirect your dog with those behaviours.

In summary, if you choose to let your dog jump – ensure that under all circumstances, you are able to control your dog’s jumping.


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