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A Simple Sniff Game With Your Pup

It can be draining trying to keep up with a puppy! The good thing is that they tire easily - but, they also recharge quickly.

We need to ensure that the puppy is mentally and physically fulfilled. Then we need to ensure that the puppy also gets some rest time in between to recharge properly. Crating your dog can be a good option to ensure that it gets some proper rest.

We all try to do a little for mother earth and keep aside our recyclables.

Keep some aside for your dog - look for different shapes, textures and sizes. Be creative with what you use. Ensure the items aren't small enough for your dog to swallow or have sharp edges. Basically, practice some safety common sense when picking these items!

Look for a big box that is low enough for your dog to safely jump into and rummage through.

Put everything into the box, with some space for your dog's head (maybe even body) to rummage around in the box with all the other items.

If your dog seems nervous, start off with fewer items and ones that do not make as much noise.

To work in some impulse control, you can also make your dog learn how to sit and wait before you invite your dog to jump in!

Most importantly, have FUN with your dog 😊

Make your own snuffle mat

If you are slightly short of time, you could also just get an old tea towel, twist it up and knot some treats into it. This is something you can always do when you might need to keep your dog busy whilst you finish up some work email or some tasks at home. For safety sake, do be around your dog as it works through your home snuffle mat and check in with your dog occasionally to ensure that they haven't tangled themselves or swallowed part of the cloth!


These games may make your dog think that rummaging thru your other recyclables or pulling at your tea towel is fun!

We recommend having a release word like “Search” to teach your dog to only do this on cue.

Some of our favourite training treats

We cut up some JR Meat Pates that are available for purchase online from knineculture.

The other training treat we love using from knineculture is the ostrich chips.

To help out with your training, knineculture have been kind enough to offer our readers and clients a discount!

Use the code “happytailsasia” when you check out for your discount.

The code is reusable, so keep up the good work training!


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