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How to Crewz with Your Multi-Crewser
Welcome to the crew!
We hope that you are excited to be using your Multi-Crewser.
There are just so many ways you can use this leash and we can't wait to see how creative everyone can be. Running your errands or cafe-hopping can now be
extremely functional and stylish
The BioThane®️ material means that dragging it through all the many adventures is never an issue. Just wipe it clean and you are good to go!  
Converting your Training Crewser
Our Training Crewser was designed so that you can swap between using is as a
standard leash, slip leash or even modified into a Gentle-Leader.
Watch the video guide on how to convert your leash into a Gentle-Leader. 
Care Instructions
Use a damp cloth and wipe for a quick clean.
For more stubborn stains, simply hand-wash with dishwashing soap and water,
using a sponge to wash any dirt out.
You can also use a soft bristle brush to clean out any hard to reach surfaces
between the hardware.
Pro tip : Don't forget to dry with a towel, and you are ready for your next adventure!
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